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Monday, March 30, 2009

Internet users: Beware of new malicious spam

SINGAPORE, March 30 - reported by malaysianinsider - source : Bernama

A new, large scale malicious spam, posing as an email from courier firm DHL is on the loose, warned IT security and control firm Sophos today.

It said in a statement here that internet users would receive messages that the courier company had tried to deliver a parcel to them on March 14.

"The messages also stated that they needed to print out the attached invoice which contained a zip file and bring it to the DHL office," it explained.

According to Sophos, computer users who fell for the scam and opened '' would not see an invoice but actually download a malicious Trojan horse, known as Troj/Agent-JJP onto their computers, giving hackers remote access.

The emails all used the subject line, 'DHL Tracking number' but had a randomly generated reference number it said, adding that the scam was the second in the space of a week masquerading as DHL.

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