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Monday, November 23, 2009

Twitter, what I’m going to do with it.

I join twitter to follow the US Presidential election. Since taking over America from the Red Indians, USA has been the pace setter. US did what the Red Indian would consider it, as against mother nature. Basically they screwed up the world, and the rest follow. That’s the reason why we have to keep in touch with developments there.

It was interesting, the campaign against Obama. It started with calling him a Taliban from Indonesia, then a socialist trying to wrack USA then the Anti-Christ to destroy American Christianity. What a world, but then, they said he won because the Republican wanted him too. The level of the global rejections of US leadership and hegemony has been too high. They need that break. Then, I used twitter to follow their nemesis’s development, the Iranian Presidential Election.

Now, I thought … thinking aloud, I am going to proceed using twitter. I have locked it. I intend to make it like a dairy. Accessible only to my immediate family members. Malaysia had in their 2010 budget allows a tax deduction of RM500 per year for broadband. It high time that I ask my working kids to install broadband in their houses. They then can access my twitter, the “family diary” and update it with their inputs and hence we shared the necessary information about our immediate family.

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